Thursday, October 20, 2011

What should I pair with that?

I so love technology - especially the internet!  Anything I need to know, or want to learn is right at my fingertips. There is a great site called "stumbled upon", that helps you discover and share great websites that may be of interest to you and your friends.  Since this blog is about great things to eat and drink, I thought I would share a fantastic resource for food and wine.  Of course this is just a guide; there are really no steadfast rules when it comes to enjoying good food and a great bottle of wine! However, when it matters and you want to find the best wine to compliment your meal, then this a great resource. 

Remember that foods tend to go well with the wines they grew up with. So if you are having an Italian meal you may want to choose an Italian wine. Palmina winery, in Lompoc wine ghetto, would be my first choice for some exceptional Italian wines.


Mediterranean style pizza, stuffed paquillo peppers and a nice Ampelos Pinot from D'vine

Sparkling wines are delicious with chocolate. 'Flying Goat' cellars
in Lompc's wine ghetto has one of the best I have tried.

A lot of the wineries will have a dessert wine that will
 compliment your dessert or finish off your meal all by itself.
California Pinots pair wonderfully with salmon. We are lucky to live in an area that has so many wonderful wines. I have enjoyed every Pinot at every winery in the Lompoc wine ghetto.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I really LOVE this winery! Saarloos and Son's combines two of my favorite things - cupcakes and good wine! Not just any cupcakes but wine-infused goodness, made by Enjoy; a gourmet cupcake company. The tasting room has a very vintage feel reminding me of times long ago. Tyler, our wine pourer, was delightful and fun. Their wine labels are so unique and are "a tribute to those that came before them". Labels feature family members with pictures dating back to 1945 (when their grandparents married). I got a feeling of strong family traditions that will be passed down for generations to come. With names like 'Father', 'Mother' and 'Son', I really loved looking at the pictures and getting a small glimpse of their family history......oh and the wines were really good too! I actually surprised myself and ordered a glass of 'Mother' after our tasting. A Grenache Blanc that was really fruity and crisp. Perfect for a hot summer day in beautiful Los Olivos. We opted for the wine and cupcake pairing so it was $10.00 for each. Enjoy creates a different flight of cupcakes each week and they pair nicely with Saarloo's wines. Be sure to 'Like' Saarloo's and Son's' on Facebook and 'Share' this great little find with friends. 

'ENJOY' .....Great name, great cupcakes! With 350 flavors to date I may have to go back a few more times! Their menu changes weekly but they always have their signature treat; a Chocolate sarah cake filled with dark chocolate fudge, blackberry frosting topped with a sarah soaked blackberry that has been rolled in sugar! YUMM!!! If you are in the area you must stop in and try the pairing. You will be glad you did.
Our wine pairing and they were all delicious. I think I might just have to try them all.
With 350 different flavors, it might take awhile! 

Tyler is great! Be sure to tell her Kim sent you.

'Mother' a delicious Grenach Blanc

I so LOVE their labels. 

Pictures dating back to 1949

The outdoor patio is perfect for sharing a glass of wine with friends.

Our cupcake flight. They were all delicious.

Their signature cupcake. DELICIOUS!